John Pluecker © 2011 sehba_sarwar. All rights reserved.

10:40 PM

Story from Third Worlds

Performer: John Pluecker
Location: 2308 Truxillo, Dining Room

Have you ever seen something change right before your very eyes, sort of metamorphosis into something else other than what you thought it was originally but it happens right in front of you? It’s a unique experience. I sort of just happened upon third ward 10 years ago. When I first got here I had no expectations other than I would live here and there were no need for expectations of my own when it seemed everyone else had them for me.

People who were native to the area acted as if it were almost a different country as they explained what I could experience, see and do while I was here and how much I could learn from the rich culture the area provided and how third ward had once been one way and then turned into another. I was only semi interested in that, I was more interested in the people who just wanted to hang out with me without also acting as some sort of rigid afro-centric tour guides, bent on making me the best Black I could be, and so I found a much more laid back group who showed me third ward from a different perspective they were like environmentalists and so was I, we cared a lot about trees. Eventually I crossed the street and I encouraged my environmentalist friends to cross with me!…but they had no interest so I crossed alone into a new realm of third ward, TSU. I got involved, with school with community projects, people…it was a new kind of tree one with lots of branches that led me from one great opportunity to the next.

Then I noticed the little wars that exist within these different realms in third ward. Everybody and every sector seemed to have a nemesis. There was unification that existed but it was like outside of their zones there was no agreement and none of the problems that were being preached about were being solved. In the midst of it all there began to pop up fancy town homes, talks of metro rails, and lots and lots of White faces and now I think that someone else came up with a solution. Yet and still I do love Third Ward it has sustained me and helped me grow, but it seems to be changing and so do I, so now I think its time to go. I hope for both out sakes we have what we need survive.