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Visual Installations

Artists: Samya Arif Khan, Tehmina Mirza and Sana Nasir – D.U.C.K artists
Location: 2308 Truxillo, Living Room

These posters were designed by D.U.C.K! artists as part of a research project to learn more about art, life and culture in Karachi during the 1960s. These images are created as current day interpretation of postcards from the past. Here, artist Samya Arif Khan designs a postcard featuring movie star Nadeem.

SAMYA ARIF KHAN, TEHMINA MIRZA + SANA NASIR WITH DESIGNERS UNITED FOR A CAUSE, KARACHI – D.U.C.K! (KARACHI, SINDH) work with D.U.C.K!, a humanitarian design movement. The group is comprised of pro-active designers who recognize the value and responsibility of their talents and exhibit and create solely to raise awareness, funds and their voices for humanitarian causes. D.U.C.K!’s work has been exhibited in Pakistan, the UK, US and Canada. To learn more about D.U.C.K. visit their Facebook page.