Special Thanks

Special thanks to: Henry Dinkins, Rick Lowe, Michael Peranteau & Scott Sawyer for the use of their homes; Michael Kahlil Taylor; Mark Lacy for tech support; Marcela Descalzi, Donna Garrett, Chuck Jackson, Abijan Johnson, John Pluecker, Jennifer Tyburczy and Stalina Villarreal for their peformances, and Haya Fatima Iqbal for her video, her performance and for flying from New York City for the show; and all our volunteers including Carmen Abrego Peña, Mariam Afshar, Cassandra Campbell, Greg Carter, Janette Cosley, Anne Marie Foster, Phyllis Gooden, Sarah Hoffman, Soha Irani, Erum Rani, Sophie Simons, Anabelle Simons, Zoe Simons, Kathryn Turner, Joshua Turner, Lawrence Williams, Nathanael Vlachos and many others.