VBB Art Car Revolution © 2011 sehba_sarwar. All rights reserved.

VBB Art Car


Artists: Eric Hester and Sehba Sarwar
Location: Street

Revolution was created by artists Sehba Sarwar and Eric Hester for the Orange Show’s Annual Art Car Parade. In 2011, the car was awarded First Prize for Free Speech, following a live performance given by Autumn Knight, Sehba Sarwar and Michael Woodson. The car, decorated with Pakistani truck art motifs and reflectors, features images of artists who inspire the organization: Liz Alexander, Iqbal Bano, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Patti Smith. The car contains 9 television screens and microphone stand.

ERIC HESTER (HOUSTON) is a photographer/ sculptor, who served on VBB’s very first Board while he was still at high school. Since then, he has earned a bachelor’s degree from Rice University, and has exhibited his work with VBB as well as at other spaces around Houston.

(KARACHI, SINDH / HOUSTON) is a writer and multidisciplinary artist. Born and raised in Pakistan, she is based in Houston, and her writings have appeared in anthologies, newspapers, and magazines in India, Pakistan, South Korea, and the US, and her videos have been screened in India, Pakistan, Egypt and the US. Sarwar serves as VBB’s artistic/founding director and produces VBB living room art shows.