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They Are Killing the Horse

Artist: Mushtaq Gazdar
Location: 2222 Truxillo, Living Room

They Are Killing the Horse (1978)  was Grand Prix winner at Tampere International Film Festival, this film shows the plight of a young woman who suffers depression on account of social and sexual repression all around her. Her family takes her to various shrines and pirs in Sindh for cure which results in her condition becoming even worse and complicated. Completed in the aftermath of the 1977 military takeover, this was the first time ever that issues of violence and suppression were addressed on celluloid. The film was screened in 2222 Truxillo in a home decorated with fabrics from Africa and from Sindh.

View entire film here.

MUSHTAQ GAZDAR (KARACHI, SINDH) 1939-2000, was a cinematographer who scripted, directed and produced around 190 short feature films, documentaries and newsreels on subjects of poverty, women’s rights and culture. A recipient of many national and international awards, Gazdar was associated with international film productions, including the Emmy Award winner Traffik. To learn more about Gazdar’s film production company, now run by his filmmaker daughter Aisha Gazdar, visit: http://www.filmsdart.com/aboutus_mgazdar.shtml