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Voices Breaking Boundaries

To cross borders, sustain dialogue and incite social justice through art.

Voices Breaking Boundaries (VBB) is a nonprofit arts organization open to artists, individuals and organizations from a multitude of perspectives, backgrounds and countries. From a humble start in 2000 as a grassroots literary collective organized by five diverse women poets and writers hosting readings at a local bookstore, VBB now produces more than 10 performance art events and visual art exhibitions events annually at local venues. VBB also offers educational residencies and performances to local youth and adults. Over the years, VBB has provided a support network for writers to practice, publish, perform and receive recognition for their work.

Community is an essential component to improving the quality of life; therefore VBB weaves art and sociopolitical theory to create an exciting new terrain atypical of most arts organizations, educational programs, and networking opportunities. To achieve such ambitious programming, we work closely with our advisory board, board of directors, community members, and collaborate with organizations such as Arte Público Press, DiverseWorks, FotoFest, Houston Global Awareness Coalition, KPFT Pacifica Radio 90.1 FM, Lee High School, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston’s Film Department, University of Houston’s English Department, and the Vietnamese Culture and Science Association. VBB reaches a faithful audience of about 50 for its small intimate events, and up to 400 persons for larger productions.

Voices Breaking Boundaries brings artists and issues to Houston through well administered productions and educational activity to join people from all walks of life: immigrants from countries such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Colombia, Haiti, and Norway; local communities such as West Houston’s large Vietnamese population and Houston’s Third Ward; and all ages ranging from babies and their parents, to teens and seniors.